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Keep Healthy Lungs And Breathe Easily With The Best Lung Doctor

By ManuPosted On 20-Apr-2018

Lung diseases are increasing day by day in India. This drastic increase is mainly because of the changing lifestyle and food habits. Smoking, infections, and genetics etc are other common causes. . If proper care is not given at the right time these diseases can prove to be life-threatening. Here's a very brief study about lung surgery for you to get a better understanding.

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What is lung surgery ?

Lung surgery is performed in order to remove or to repair lung tissues that cause the lung to collapse, remove infection in the chest cavity by extracting the blood in the cavity. There are different sorts of lung surgeries depending on the cause.

The lung surgeries are performed in different ways:


Thoracotomy is also called open surgery. In this procedure, the arms are positioned above the head.A surgical cut is made between two ribs, which goes from the front of the chest wall to the back, underneath the armpit. The ribs are then separated or removed. For easier operation of the lungs, the lung on which the surgery is performed is deflated to prevent the movement the in and out movement of air. After surgery, drainage tubes are placed into the chest area to drain out fluids that had build up. The surgeon closes the ribs, muscles, and skin with sutures after the surgery. The duration of this procedure is around 2-6 hours.

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Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery

In this surgical procedure, several surgical cuts are made over the chest wall. Through these cuts, videoscope and several other tools are inserted. After which, the surgeon removes parts of the lungs according to the surgery performed and do the rest of the procedures. Chest tubes are placed in order to drain fluid and blood that had built up. The procedure involves comparatively less pain and ensures a faster recovery too.

We all know how important the lungs are to the functioning of the body and that is why proper care is to be ensured. We, at Renai Medicity assures the best treatment, under the best lung surgeon in Ernakulam, Dr. Kuldeep Chulliparambil. Do visit Renai Medicity for effective treatment and care.

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