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Children Heart Surgery – Protecting The Baby Heart

By ManuPosted On 10-Apr-2017

Children heart surgery, more popularly called paediatric heart surgery, is done to cure heart disorders in children. These disorders may either be congenital, where babies are born with abnormal heart condition, or might have developed due to some factors after birth. Children heart surgery helps in correcting the irregularities and wellness of the heart.

Many types of heart disorders and abnormalities are found in new born babies and children. They include issues inside the heart or in the blood vessels associated with it. In severe cases, surgeries are required soon after the birth of the child.

Symptoms Indicating Need for Surgery

The various symptoms that indicate the need of surgery include: -

    * Discoloration (grey or blue) in lips, skin and nails which depict lack oxygen

    * Lung disorders that cause difficulty in breathing

    * Irregularities in heart beat or heart rate

    * Lack of growth, poor feeding and sleep of the baby.

Procedure for Children Heart Surgery

Children heart surgery involves several types of surgeries including open heart surgery, surgeries to correct blood vessel abnormalities and so on. In open heart surgery, heart is stopped after re-routing blood transfer through heart lung bypass machine. This helps in repairing the heart muscles, valves and blood vessels.

The procedure is performed only after conducting certain tests in the children. These include blood tests to evaluate the complete blood count, clotting factors and level of electrolyte, X-rays of chest, ECG or EEG, ECHO and so on.

Risk Factors Associated with Children Heart Surgery

Children heart surgery are performed successfully in great number every day throughout the world. However, in some cases, complications can arise. The usual risk factors associated with this surgery in children include: -

    * Thrombi or blood clots

    * Air emboli or air bubbles

    * Chances for pneumonia

    * Heart beat abnormalities

    * Stroke or heart attack

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