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Keyhole Bypass Surgery - Less Pain More Gain

By ManuPosted On 28-Feb-2018

What is keyhole bypass surgery?

Keyhole bypass surgery is a minimally invasive heart surgery, which is performed by making a tiny incision on or inside the heart. Keyhole bypass surgery can develop the dramatic improvement in patient health and also provides considerable cosmetic gains. Keyhole bypass surgery also lowers the dependency on the supportive treatment needed while performing heart surgery. Dr. Kuldeep Chulliparanbil is a qualified and experienced doctor to perform keyhole bypass surgery in India. Renai Medicity, Kochi has provided excellent keyhole bypass surgery treatment facilities.

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What is the procedure of performing keyhole heart surgery?

In the procedure of keyhole heart surgery, a surgeon can perform the surgery by seeing inside the heart with the help of a tiny camera. This camera is inserted through the side of the chest and show inside pictures on a monitor screen. Then, a surgeon makes tiny holes to perform the surgery by using small surgical instruments. Keyhole heart surgery allows seeing inside of the heart without open surgery.

Who is the suitable candidate for keyhole bypass surgery?

  • The suitable candidate for keyhole bypass surgery may have
  •  The Heart valves disease
  •  The coronary arteries disease
  •  Atrial septal defect ( hole in the heart)
  •  Heart rhythm abnormalities
  •  To repeat open heart surgery

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What are the benefits of keyhole bypass surgery?

  • The benefits of laparoscopic surgery are
  •  Less pain and discomfort
  •  Less operative time
  •  Less risky and safe
  •  Lower risk of infection
  •  Lower risk of bleeding
  •  Quick recovery time
  •  Short hospital stay
  •  Smaller scars

What are the risk factors of keyhole bypass surgery?

The risk factors of keyhole bypass surgery are

  •  Possibility of heart stroke or attack
  •  Possibility of blood loss
  •  Breathing problems
  •  Infection of urinary tract, lungs, and chest
  •  Permanent or temporary brain injury
  •  Memory loss
  •  Pain or wound infection

Dr. Kuldeep Chulliparanbil of Renai Medicity, Kochi is one of thetop cardiac surgeons in Ernakulam, Kerala. Dr. Kuldeep has been developed a facilitate access for heart patients to provide a smooth keyhole bypass surgery Kochi.

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