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A cardiac arrest occurs when your heart breaks pumping blood around your body.

If somebody has unexpectedly collapsed, is not breathing routinely and is insensitive, they are in cardiac arrest.

There is no time to mislay. Even if you are untaught your movements can help.

It is an emergency.  If you see a cardiac arrest, you can upsurge the person’s probabilities of endurance by phoning 999 instantly and giving CPR.


chest firmness, to retain the circulation going till the ambulance reaches and

Release breathing. Even if you haven't been skilled in CPR with release breathing, you can still usage hands-only CPR

Causes of cardiac arrest:

  • The utmost common cause of a cardiac arrest is a life intimidating irregular heart rhythm named ventricular fibrillation.

  • Ventricular fibrillation occurs when the electrical activity of your heart converts so chaotic that the heart rests pumping and shakes instead. There are numerous reasons of VF. These can be difficulties with your heart, or additional causes.

  • A lack of oxygen in your body - for example, if you are choking

  • Electrocution

  • Using recreational drugs, such as cocaine

  • Losing a large amount of blood

  • Heart-related causes of VF 

  • Coronary heart disease

  • Heart attack

  • Cardiomyopathy

  • Congenital heart disease

  • Heart valve disease

  • Acute Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle)

  • Heart conduction complaints that make you more probable to experience abnormal heart beats, such as Long QT disease

Improve from a cardiac arrest:

  • It is promising to live and get well from a cardiac arrest, if you get the accurate handling rapidly.

  • VF can occasionally be amended by giving an electric shock wave through the chest wall, by using a device named a defibrillator.

  • This can be completed in the ambulance, or it can be done by an associate of the public at the sight of a cardiac arrest if there is a communal defibrillator near.

  • Instant CPR can be used to preserve oxygen flowing around the body till a defibrillator can be used and/or until the ambulance reaches.

The difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest:

Though a heart attack can clue to a cardiac arrest, they are not the same thing.

A heart attack is an abrupt disruption to the blood source to part of the heart muscle. It is probable to reason chest pain and everlasting damage to the heart.  The heart is still transferring blood around the body and the person rests sentient and is still breathing.

A cardiac arrest happens when the heart quickly halts pumping blood around the body.  Somebody who is taking a cardiac arrest will unexpectedly lose awareness and will stop breathing or stop breathing usually.  Except proximately treated by means of CPR this at all times leads to death contained by minutes.

A person having a heart attack is at great risk of come into contact with a cardiac arrest.

Together a heart attack and a cardiac arrest are dangerous medical disasters and have need of instant medical support.  

Request 999 if you consider you are having a heart attack or if you observer somebody having a cardiac arrest.

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