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What isTECAB?

It is the same as all coronary bypass procedures .it also improves blood flow to the heart and alleviates chest pain. It is performed with the help of the  Surgical System.

The robot is good tool for greater precision and control than is possible in traditional surgery. The surgeon sits in a console equipped and also with controls that direct robotic arms. Then he performs the surgery. A small camera attached to the robotic arms gives the surgeon a very detailed, 3D view inside the chest.

What are the benefits of TECAB?

You can back to work and other activities within a week

There is No splitting of the breastbone.

No chance for post-surgical complications or infection.

Quicker resolution of pain.

Shorter hospital stay i.e. one to three days

Heart continues to beat during the procedure reduces risks for complications.

Elimination of the heart-lung bypass machine decreases the risks for neurological complications.

Minimal blood loss.

The procedure results in only four to five tiny scars

Who is a candidate for TECAB? 

It is an option for people who require up to two grafts. People who have had previous coronary bypass surgery can be candidates for TECAB.

The location of blocked arteries is one factor that affects.

TECAB is NOT an option in patients:

who have had previous thoracic surgeries

with extremely unstable blood pressure,

those who just had a stroke

who are Extremely obese people

who are presenting with an acute heart attack

Tests done days or weeks before surgery

  • Blood count test can reveal whether you are anemic and it needs to be increased before or during surgery.
  • The Prothrombin time and thromboplastin time values tests measure your blood's ability to clot.
  • Chest X-ray know whether your lungs appear normal.
  • Cardiac catheterization is to know location of blockages to help plan surgery.


Follow a heart healthy diet —

  • Diet counseling is very helpful for people who need to lose weight

  • Dietitian is the best person to consult about helpful foods as well as necessary quantity, calorie recommendations, and ways to change bad eating habits.

  • In cardiac rehabilitation programs, a dietitian is managed to advice people who are recovering from a heart attack.

Stop smoking —

It increases the risk of heart disease and heart attack. The risk of heart attack was reduced within two years of stopping smoking.

In Cardiac rehabilitation programs a treatment to help stop smoking is recommended.

Treat high blood pressure— high blood pressure should be controlled with medicine.

Manage diabetes — monitoring blood glucose levels can help to reduce the risk of these and other types of complications.

Psychosocial treatment — depression is common after bypass surgery, it decreases energy levels

Some cardiac rehabilitation programs help to manage these issues.

Reduce stress Many cardiac rehabilitation programs teach patients how to reduce stress and reduce the risk of heart attack

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