The doctor will ask you certain questions which will make him suspect whether you have heart failure or not. The questions asked are, are you breathless, have you had heart attack before, etc

If he suspects heart failure he will proceed with some tests like ECG, ECHO,CORONARY ANGIO-GRAM, MRI OR NUCLEAR SCAN.


Echo-cardiogram is the imaging of heart using sound waves. It is a harmless test.

With this test you can see the movements of the heart, inside of the heart and heart valves.

Ejection  fraction is the pumping capacity of heart, percentage of blood ejected from a full left ventricle. Normally it is 70%. After first heart attack, it may fall down to 40%, and after second,it might fall down to 20%.

When the ejection fraction falls down to 40% or below, it is called heart failure.

To a certain extent, you can evaluate the reason for the heart failure by echocardio-gram.



This is a test to know whether you have any blocks inside the arteries of the heart.

This is done in  an operation theatre like set up, where a wire is introduced through the aretery of the wrist or the groin and a dye is injected into the artery of the heart. 

If there is a major block in the heart ,that may be the reason for the failure and if that is corrected, heart failure might improve.

It involves injecting a dye which can be allergic or toxic to the kidney and an exposure to radiation.

MRI(Magnetic resonance imaging)

This is a harmless test and use a strong magnetic field. The ions of our body get aligned in a particular way in response to the magnetic field and then the image of these ions obtained.

This test help to identify which wall of the heart is not moving and what is the reason for that.


In this test ,a radio-active matereal is injected into the body which will selectively concenterate in  the heart muscles.This test also will tell us which wall is suffering in the heart failure