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As The word "intracoronary pressure measurement” mentions to a process that in a straight line measures the blood pressure inside the coronary arteries in order to define the degree to which a stenosis affects blood flow over and done with the affected vessel.

It processes the blood pressure in the coronary arteries. It is used as portion of a detailed calculation of coronary stenosis. Outcomes from this test can offer a clear sign as to whether the decrease in blood flow at the place of stenosis is adequately severe to permit an intervention.

These measurements have enhanced calculation of angiographic transitional coronary stenoses. Systematically, pressure equalization and real amounts are often performed at altered height levels, dependent upon the specific coronary territory analysed. In view of a theoretical effect the flat situation of the patient, changes in the results of intracoronary measurements among anterior and posterior vessels appear likely.


Sensor tipped angioplasty director wires have been settled and are used to measure pressure and flow across a coronary stenosis in the catheterization lab .The usage of coronary pressure guide wires is usually harmless and characteristically enhances a limited minutes to the entire process time for the valuation of every scratch.

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During this procedure:

This procedure is harm less, takings merely a limited minutes, and can be done while the patient is suffering cardiac catheterization. The process includes a superior type of fine wire with a microscopic sensor committed to its slant being presented into the coronary artery, where the sensor then gets blood pressure quantities. Fallouts from this process permit the physician to control with inevitability whether the narrowed coronary artery is still capable to supply the heart muscle with a adequate amount of oxygen, and whether signs such as chest pain happen as a straight effect of the stenosis or not.

Use of intracoronary pressure measurements:

In some cases, it may be incredible to exactly measure the grade of coronary artery stenosis existing. Even resulting extensive testing relating cardiac catheterization with x-ray imaging, and once taking into attention preceding checkups using ECGs, stress ECGs, stress echocardiography or myocardial scintigraphy. In these, intracoronary pressure can be known through straight measurements.

Hence that outcomes are proximately obtainable, this process confirms that where instant treatment is needed this is not subject to intervals. Hence should a patient need balloon angioplasty or stent implantation in order to treat a stenosis, this can be done directly, as part of the similar way, and escapes the requirement for recatheterization. Lastly, when the stenosis has been treated using balloon angioplasty and/or stent implantation, intracoronary pressure interpretations can be taken in order to decide whether treatment has been fruitful.


In acute coronary syndrome, as in stable ischemic heart disease, FFR dignified by intracoronary pressure wire be able to be a beneficial tool to sidestep the needless revascularization of angiographic ally modest coronary lesions when and if they have been sensibly nominated to eliminate those cases with angiographic signs of unpredictability.

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