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About Us


We are a leading group in the world rendering cardiac surgical services through smallest possible cuts on the body ensuring cure of the condition minimising the discomfort for the patients. Cardiac surgeries are a night mare for patients often with multiple cuts on the body, cutting of the bone ,non healing of the bone, infection,blood loss,pain, a long cut just in front of the body,multiple cuts in the legs. Many patients just avoided surgery because of same perceptions or resorted to lesser options only to be disillussioned.

We started the journey towards minimally invasive cardiac surgery in 1996 from Madrass medical Mission chennai progressed through Leeds General inirmary U.K, Narayana Hrudayalaya Banglore, Fortis Escort Hospital ,Raipur Sahakarana Hrudayala Pariyarum and Renai Medicity ,Ernakulam.

After an experience of more than 5000 cases ,we are one of the leading centres in minimally invasive cardiac surgery in the world. 

The operations we  mainly  do are  MICS-CABG, MICS-MVR,MICS-AVR and MICS-ASD.

We have a team of 7 doctors  and associated staff specialised in various aspects of this branch of  cardiac surgery supported by the latest equipments required for this operations.