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It is a difficulty of rheumatic disease in which the heart valves are injured. Rheumatic fever is a provocative disease that initiates with strep throat. It can disturb connective tissue all over the body, particularly in the heart, joins, brain and coating. While rheumatic fever can attack people of all years, it is utmost communal in children. The best technique to avoid rheumatic infection is to treat strep throat with antibiotics.

The first stage in identifying rheumatic heart syndrome is founding that your child newly had a strep infection. Yet, it is possible that marks of the strep infection may be left by the time you yield your child to the doctor. In that occasion, the doctor will want you to try to recall if your child in recent times had a painful throat or other indications of a strep infection.

The doctor will do a physical checkup and check your child for emblems of rheumatic fever, with joint pain and irritation. The doctor also will pay attention to your child's heart to check for irregular beats or murmurs that may indicate that the heart has been stressed.

In addition, there are a twosome of tests that may be used to check the heart and measure harm, containing:

Chest X-ray to form the size of the heart and to realize if there is additional watery in the heart or lungs

Echocardiogram, a non-invasive test that customs sound waves to make a affecting image of the heart and to size its magnitude and shape


Though having rheumatic fever leaves a child extra vulnerable to heart injury, it does not repeatedly ceaselessly harm the heart. However, when the frustration produced by rheumatic fever leaves one or more of the heart valves hurt, the result is rheumatic heart illness. The mitral valve and the aortic valve are characteristically the ones damaged by the disease. Years later, the mitral valve may change pointed, a state recognized as mitral stenosis.

Production of severe rheumatic fever contains antibiotics to treat the strep contagion and extra medicines to comfort the irritation of the heart and other indications. Frequently aspirin is given in big doses till the joint inflammation drives away; hardly, steroids are wanted. When the acute illness has departed away, patients must to take penicillin, or a corresponding antibiotic, for numerous years to stop reappearances. This is a very significant treatment since the risk of heart valve injury growths if rheumatic fever persists.

Frequently the valve leak produced by the disease is slight and does not essential treatment. If the leak is simple enough to straining and expand the heart, surgery may be desirable to remove the leak. This surgery may include repair of the spoiled valve. Occasionally the valve is too critically spoiled to repair, in which incident it must be substituted by an artificial valve.

Symptoms of Rheumatic Heart Disease

Children with rheumatic heart disease possibly will not have any perfect symptoms.

If your child has aortic or else mitral valve irregularities due to rheumatic fever, they may have indications linked to these valve difficulties. Certain signs that may recommend a problem with these valves contain being short of breath, mainly with movement or when lying downcast.

Youngsters with myocarditis or else pericarditis may have chest pain or puffiness.

Your child may also have other things of rheumatic fever, resembling joint pain and irritation.

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