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What is Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery?

It is a cardiac surgical procedure .in this a patient's diseased mitral valve is replaced by other valve. Valve replacement is typically done as an open heart surgery.

What before surgery?

  • In valve surgery, you are given  anesthesia. Doctor makes a large incision in chest. Patient is placed on a heart lung machine .during surgery the heart may be cooled to slow or stop the beat. The damaged mitral valve is replaced with an artificial heart valve.
  • It involves treatment for some days in an intensive care unit of a hospital. Recovery from heart valve surgery can take several months.
  • Patient will feel tired for the first few weeks after surgery. Some brief pains on either side of your chest may have. You will be able to do many of your routine works after 6 weeks. That may take 1 to 2 months to get your energy back.
  • it is still important to eat heart-healthy foods with regular exercise
  • Not to smoke, take your heart medicines, and reduce stress. Doctor may recommend cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Although you will have to continue to monitor your condition. You need to check blood clots and infections.
  • After a period of time, an artificial valve may need to be replaced.

Why It Is Done

For stenosis and regurgitation, valve repair surgery is preferred .working of an artificial mitral valve is not as a normal mitral valve. Doctor will recommend valve replacement only if it necessary. Doctor will consider overall health to have surgery.

What are types of mitral valve disease?

Mitral valve regurgitation

In this blood leaks backward out of the valve.

Surgery might be recommended:

If  you have leaking symptoms.

If Regurgitation is severe.

If left ventricle is larger than normal.

Mitral valve stenosis

In this the valve does not open enough to allow sufficient blood flow.

Surgery is recommended:

If Symptoms are present.

If Stenosis is severe.

If Balloon valvotomy is not an option.

If Mitral valve regurgitation is also present.

Repair of the heart valve is the most likely surgery. When it is seriously damaged, heart valve replacement may be recommended. The decision is based on your general health.

How It Works?

The artificial valve works like a normal valve and flows blood normally through the heart. The result of mitral valve replacement depends on a patient’s overall health.

What are the Risks?

  • Some Effects from the operation life bleeding, infection, and risks associated with anesthesia.
  • Blood clotting caused by the new valve
  • Infection around the artificial valve.
  • Sometimes Failure of the new valve.
  • The need for another valve replacement surgery as Artificial valves last only for a limited time.

Repair for mitral valve regurgitation

It does not require open-heart surgery as it is a minimally invasive procedure. Doctor inserts a device in the valve using catheters in blood vessels. The device helps keep blood from flowing backward. It might be done for a person who can't have surgery.

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